OneStepImage webDrag v2.9


OneStepImage webDrag reduces images in size for web while trying to maintain as many details as possible. It is simple to use and easy to configure.

OneStepImage webDrag User Interface

This application automates simple, but rather annoying image processing activities. It makes images ready for Internet publishing, forums and emails.

Processing settings

There is variety settings available.


Left: WebDrag, Right: well known image editor
Image (C) Lynx Vulgaris

But itís not that simple inside!
Different resampling, filtering and resizing algorithms have been tested. Finally a custom-made algorithm has been created. This algorithm is optimized for this particular task - prepare crisp and sharp smaller versions of images for the Web. Also, per-pixel sharpening feature is offered for even better results. Here is an example:


Magnified sample
Left: WebDrag, Right: well known image editor
Image (C) Lynx Vulgaris

It's clear that image created with webDrag is sharper and has negligible amount of sharpening artifacts or halos. Most of "classic" resampling algorithms are introducing inevitable artifacts, but webDrag is free of them.

WebDrag tries to save most of the details

OneStepImage webDrag is easy to use: change settings you need and drag files you want! Output files can be placed into specified folder. EXIF metadata can be kept or wiped out. PNG files can be optimized as well.


Detail extraction engine in action
Left: webDrag, Right: well known expensive editor
Just resizing operation performed

OneStepImage webDrag features a detail extraction engine. This feature produces razor-sharp images even without using sharpening at all. No false colors as well.


Detail extraction engine in action (magnified)
WebDrag provides no false colors or halos
and there are much more details left

It's up to user what to select: screen-optimized sharpening, detail extraction engine or even a combination of them. All these settings can be changed with a couple of mouse clicks.

Are you ready for better pictures?

OneStepImage webDrag: perfect choice for pixel-perfect images!
Also it's completely free!

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